White Story is wedding dress manufacturer

White Story is wedding dress manufacturer

We are sure that a great and various wedding goods assortment is one of the greatest advantages of each wedding salon. With help of good assortment using, wedding store will be able to express itself on markets and attract a big number of clients. Therefore, we have already taken care about making of the best offers by our official e-shop. We are ready to offer the most fashionable, actual and beautiful wedding models for all our clients.

White Story Company has created the most optimal work conditions, which consider your general interests, which will promote very profitable co-operation between our company and your wedding store. Due to innovative ideas and designer’s solutions we create unique and stylish wedding dresses for our clients.  

We offer a wide assortment of different kinds of wedding dresses, which are produced of high-quality fabrics. The cheapest wedding dresses are sewn of high-quality materials too. For making of wholesale order of wedding dresses by manufacturer, please log on to our official website, choose the best models for you and make your order.

We are ready to co-operate with your wedding salon right now. We can support quick kind of manufacture and quick delivery to many cities of  Kazakhstan, Belarus and other different countries of CIS. We can propose profitable prices, flexible price police of our co-operation and good attention for all our clients. We are responsible for all our production and a guarantee of good quality is one of the most important priorities for our company.

We develop our company from day to day and make our technologies better. We try to make dreams of our clients come true.

We are ready to present the highest quality for you and different unforgettable styles of bridal dresses, which will give to your wedding salon beauty, specialness and success, which is the most important thing.