Why work with us

Why work with us

Why do our partners work with us and make profitable cooperation? Five reasons

About what does each bride dream? Certainly, she dreams about her future bridal dress and it has to be beautiful and perfect. Many people think that a bridal dress will be used on the day of wedding celebration. However, we do not agree with it, because each wedding dress will be remembered as a dress for a whole life. Many guests will remember its style for a long time in future.

Wedding dresses manufacturer White Story Company is sure that each bridal dress contains some kind of charming aura. Therefore, in a process of wedding dresses sewing, we use the most light and high-quality fabrics, which help to each bride to feel herself as perfect as it is possible. With a great confidence we can say that wedding dresses production and wholesale selling is a real mission of our company. While we were working on wedding markets during many years, we made dreams come true for many brides from all over the world. Many successful owners of wedding salons make co-operation with us according to 5 general reasons, which are described below:

Reason # 1. Cooperation with a producer of wedding dresses

When you will work straight with wedding dresses manufacturers, you will receive an opportunity to establish long partner co-operation. Together with us you will become an exclusive representative of our brand in your region.

Reason # 2. Every time we know all latest wedding fashion news

Due to developing of our company and participation of our team in many kinds of fashion world exhibitions and shows, we all time know about the most stylish and fashionable wedding dresses, which are desired by brides from all over the world on their the most important day of life. Exactly this kind of information we use for creation of our new collection of wedding dresses in 2016.

Reason # 3. Excellent quality of our production.

Excellent quality of our production Every time we use fabrics from the best world producers. In time of wedding dresses creation we use exclusive fabrics from Turkey and United Arab Emirates. All these fabrics are embroidered with French lace and decorated with design decorative elements. They will satisfy even the most demanded brides, who will try to choose a wedding dress of dream.

Reason # 4. Miraculous economy

Due to a fact that we are a company, which produces wedding dresses, our prices for our production will satisfy you. You have not to pay high prices as it was before, we will offer you the best costs.

Reason # 5. Quick delivery.

Each client has to be satisfied with his order and it is very important for us. Therefore, we will deliver your order to your destination address in the shortest periods of time. Our profitable prices will be one more pleasant bonus for you!

White Story Company is very well-known for many different wedding salons of cities and for countries of CIS. Please, start co-operation with us and we will help to your wedding salon to become trendy. We will take care about informing you of the latest actual information about wedding business doing.