How to make an order

How to make an order

For making purchase of goods in our e-shop, you need to make several easy steps on our official website:

Step 1:
For prices reflection on our website, please enter your personal wholesale dealer code. After this, when you will log on to our website you will see under each item of goods a price, which will be showed in dollars.
Step 2:
Under of a good’s price, which you want to buy, please click “Add to basket” button. Your goods will be added to basket in a right top cornet of the screen.
Step 3:
In the right corner of our website, please click “Make order” button. Before making of order, all good, which will be on basket, can be modified according to the nomenclature article (number of a model), model’s size, color and number of items. After this you have to fill in all fields, where you need to notice your Address of delivery (Country and City), Name and Surname of person, who will take a parcel in the office of Post Company and contact number. Then you will receive to your personal e-mail a letter with your order information, which you have ordere on our official website before.
Step 4:
For confirmation of your order our administrator will contact with you, using your e-mail or contact phone. He will propose you to pay your order with each way of payments and receive it with the best kind of delivery. 

Processing of your orders for wedding dresses will be proceeded after receiving of the whole amount for your payments or prepaid of 50% of all payment, which has to be paid.

Terms of your orders producing, last from 5 to 9 days and they depend on a number of goods in your future order and queue in the time of your order making. Please, consider that we don’t work on weekends and on national holidays.

First minimal order has to be consisted of minimum 3 items of wedding dresses.  

If it is not comfortable for you to make an order with using of our official e-shop’s online system, please send an e-mail to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and consider in it all models, which you want to buy.

In the process of your order making, please consider number of model, its color (White or Ivory), and a size (42-56). Don’t forget to consider delivery information:

  • Address of delivery: (city only);
  • Name and Surname of recipient: (a person, who will receive a parcel in a Post Company office);
  • Contact phone number of recipient;

Please call us or send your e-mail right now and our sales manager will answer you with a great pleasure. He will give actual information, which you need.