White-story Company invites all our partners and wholesale buyers of wedding dresses for making of profitable cooperation. We offer the most profitable conditions of our co-operation and present the widest assortment of bridal dresses, which were produced by our company. We guarantee the highest quality of sewing and materials.

Information for our wholesale buyers:

Your first order has to be consisted of at least three items of production. You will be able to make your order with one of the most comfortable way for you. You can make your order with using of Viber, WhatsApp applications on your cell-phone and e-mail, Skype or our official web-site, where we provided making of online purchasing.



In a process of making an order you have to consider number of models, names of models, colors and sizes. We have attached sizes reference book of our production.

A time of your order sewing depends on a number of dresses, way of their production and it lasts in a period from 15 to 20 days. Please, consider a fact that we don’t work in weekends and in days of national holidays.

In a process of making an order, you need to make a pre-paid of 50% of the total price of your future order.

Delivery can be done at the expense of a buyer in each city of Russia:

Delivery from Ukraine can be done straight to Russia, Moskow.

At the moment of your order delivery to Russia, your order will be sent to your destination city with using of each available transportation company (Baikal-service, ZhelDorEkspidicyia and many others).

We are responsible for a delivery process from Ukraine to Russia, Moskow.

  • Terms of delivery to Russia, Moskow lasts from 2 to 3 days.
  • Delivery from Ukraine to Russia is agreed separately.
  • You have to pay for your parcel in a transportation company office in a moment of receiving. It costs about 10-30$ for all parcel. A price depends on parcel’s capacity and a destination of your city.
  • More detail information about prices and delivery terms from Moskow to your city you will be able to get on official website of Transportation Company:

Delivery of EMS post from Ukraine across all over the world:

  • Terms of delivery last from 7 till 12 days.
  • Price of delivery equals from 7 to 10$ for one kg if a weight of your parcel is 15 kg or less. One dress weights from 1 to 3 kg and it will be more expensive in case of small weight of parcel. Approximately, delivery of one wedding dress will cost from 15 to 25$. Price depends on all parcels’ weight and on your destination country.
  • More detail information about price and terms of delivery is available on the official website of Transportation Company:

You have an opportunity to take your parcels by yourself or use an ability of free delivery of parcel with our currier in city of Chernivtsi.

We hope to make strong and long co-operation between our companies!